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When Linda learns that Dean is upstairs with Mick, she leaves the desk and Nancy tells the household that Mick is going to propose to Linda. Linda sits on the kitchen table and her and Mick’s music starts to play and Mick takes Linda from the kitchen to the bedroom. He reminisces concerning the first time he saw Linda during soccer and the thing he loves most about her is her kind and sincere heart, which she gave to him after they were kids and he’s looked after it ever since. Mick then asks Linda if she will marry him, however she tearfully admits she can’t because it’s Dean and she confesses that he raped her. Mick is in a state of shock and Linda pleads with him to say he believes her and Mick assures her that he does imagine her.

Mick theorises that Linda is pregnant when she vomits at the scent of lavender bath cleaning soap, and she, is horrified to find he’s appropriate, when she takes a test. She lies to Mick concerning the end result and plans to have an abortion, however Mick finds out and she agrees to keep the baby. She is disturbed when Dean finds out, and tries to hold onto the idea that the child is Mick’s. Stacey Branning bumps into Linda who asks her about her relationship with Dean, Linda practically admits that Dean raped her however she is stopped from doing so when they’re interrupted by Dean.

Kellie Bright: Little Recognized Facts In Regards To The Eastenders Actress

Although they weren’t formally married at this time, Linda and Mick lied to their household for years that they actually were. After Linda’s father died, she turned bulimic however didn’t inform Mick or her mother, though they knew and did not inform her in fear of constructing it worse. In October 2013, Bright was forged as Linda Carter within the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

  • This kicks off a forwards and backwards sequence of arguments between the pair, which dies down in November 2017.
  • Speaking of Dean’s feelings for Linda, Di Angelo claimed that it stemmed from the will that “Dean desires to be Mick”, however warned that it wouldn’t “be crammed with an excessive amount of happiness for too long”.
  • Mick promises Nancy that he’ll repair the problem with Linda as soon as and for all and later within the kitchen, Mick asks Linda to take a seat down.
  • When Linda and Nancy return from holiday, Linda learns that Lee has been suffering from despair, and she or he encourages him to take his treatment.
  • Elaine asks if issues between her and Mick are alright as she was involved when Linda final stayed together with her and tells her that every marriage has issues.

Later on in the toilet, Linda opens the pregnancy test, which has a optimistic result. When Nancy and Mick plan a fireworks celebration, Linda says she wished they’d asked and she could do without it. Mick promises Nancy that he’ll fix the problem with Linda as soon as and for all and later in the kitchen, Mick asks Linda to take a seat down. When Linda tells him it’s nothing, Mick tells her to not say that as he isn’t going to put on it and he is played it her method, but he is not going to disregard it any longer.

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